Game of Thrones Analysis

Because Game of Thrones is back and awesome I created this viz about GOT characters and how often they are featured by episode. I am going to post next week how the spiral/Wilson volleyball viz was created in Tableau. Have a good weekend.


  1. I love it. I hope that more and more Blogger will use this feature in the future, because it just makes the internet better I think!

  2. Thats mind blowing viz.. I admire most of your viz. could you be able to post the data you use as well ?

    1. Thank you. You can download all of the data from the Tableau file actually. My Tableau workbook is download-able. See the bottom right corner of the viz itself under "Download". Then you can download the data in Tableau. See how here:

  3. Heh, I do hope there will be an update at the end of the coming season.


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