Sunburst / Ring Chart in Tableau

So after creating the stupid Bill Murray viz in my last post I thought... this could get stupider. And behold a sunburst or ring chart in Tableau. In addition to the creepy eyes and the donut chart, I added distance which represents Rotten Tomatoes score. This is essentially 9 pie charts of increasing size, stacked on top of one another with a conditional color to create the rings. If the film's score does not meet the ring's threshold it is colored white and therefore hidden. Enjoy.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is awesome. This silly little visualization allows people to look at his 
impressive film career. Start at the top of the dial with his first film Meatballs 
and then rotate around. Bill Murray's eyes will creepily follow you around. Enjoy.

Top Music Artists in the UK & US

Musicians from the UK or the US historically have had success in both countries. In my latest viz using data from Wikipedia I took a look at a few artists and their top hits in both countries. Play with the viz to see which artists are more popular where and with what songs. This is my entry to Tableau's Wiki Data Contest. Enjoy.

Odell Beckham Jr.

With the Giants out of the playoffs I am forced to either face the cold dark reality of the football-less offseason OR I can focus on the team's one shining bright spot: Odell Beckham Jr. This analysis projects what Beckham's overall statistics would be if he didn't miss the first 4 weeks of the season. See my analysis and the methodology below.

Thanksgiving Dinner

My wife and I are doing Thanksgiving at our house this year. To help organize all of the food we are preparing I put together this Tableau Gantt chart to keep track of when we have to do something, when and where. We are going to put it on the iPad in the kitchen while we are running around.