Arc Chart in Tableau

Like most people with eyes and a heart I was moved by the gun death visualization by Periscopic. It's powerful and amazingly well done. So using the data from my Supreme Court visualization I attempted to create a similar arc chart in Tableau. This visualization displays tenure by Supreme Court Justice broken out by political party. The height represents the age of the Supreme Court Justice at the time of their appointment (taller = younger) and the color represents the year they were appointed (lighter color = earlier). You can filter to show the change in justice tenure over time.

See details after the break on how to create an arc chart in Tableau.

Tableau Clocks

I recently came across this design project by Swedish artist Humans since 1982 called a million times. These are a series of analog clocks where the hands are used to create various designs including digital clocks. It is an amazing way of applying a conventional image to form a series of new images and designs.

Inspired by this I created a similar visualization in Tableau that achieves a similar, albeit less impressive, effect.

The Supreme Court & 2016 Election

With the recent landmark rulings coming out of the Supreme Court these past few weeks I decided to do an analysis of the future and history of the most powerful court in the land. This visualization includes a forecast of when each of the current justices will retire and a history of retired justices. The forecast is based on actuarial tables and historical trend analysis. It predicts that the next president will have the opportunity to appoint possibly 4  total justices to the court. This will dramatically change the makeup of the court and presumably have major implications for various issues. Enjoy.

Sunburst / Ring Chart in Tableau

So after creating the stupid Bill Murray viz in my last post I thought... this could get stupider. And behold a sunburst or ring chart in Tableau. In addition to the creepy eyes and the donut chart, I added distance which represents Rotten Tomatoes score. This is essentially 9 pie charts of increasing size, stacked on top of one another with a conditional color to create the rings. If the film's score does not meet the ring's threshold it is colored white and therefore hidden. Enjoy.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is awesome. This silly little visualization allows people to look at his 
impressive film career. Start at the top of the dial with his first film Meatballs 
and then rotate around. Bill Murray's eyes will creepily follow you around. Enjoy.