Clock Art

This visualization is a moving piece of data art. It is a clock whose points radiate from the hour on the clock face. The viz changes as the hour changes.

SNL Hosts

I have loved SNL ever since I was a kid. This viz looks at all of the hosts of SNL. Who performed the best? Which type of host is most popular? Which US president also sucks at hosting SNL? 

Spark Bar Chart Part II

Two years ago I wrote about the spark bar chart: a chart that combines a bar chart with a spark line. It isn't a perfect chart; as I noted in the original post. But it is featured on Xenographics and I do think it has potential applications. And I found a bunch recently. 

One major application is when comparing totals across discrete variables as well as comparing running totals at a further level of detail. One such example is above. It shows points scored by NFL team by conference. The major pre-attentive attribute is the bar showing total points scored. The secondary pre-attentive attribute is the line within the bar showing a running total of points by game. This is similar to the example in the original post. The original shows a point in time comparison of a variable as well as multiple time points within the spark line.

Game of Thrones in Words

This visualization looks at the language of the 3 major remaining Game of Thrones characters. Who will take the throne? Let's take a look at the language used by George RR Martin for each character's chapter to understand them better. This shows which words in the novels are unique to each character by frequency.

Dynamic KPI Metric

Some folks asked how I made the KPI metric cards in the KPI dashboard from my 5 Types of Dashboards post. This card is a good way of communicating a KPI, performance vs target, and trend over time. The original design trick of the color bar underlining the text was taken from Adam Crahen

The above version is a minor redesign of the original card that I think is cleaner. In this view the color, line, and text color changes when the KPI value is higher or lower than the target. Download to reverse engineer. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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