Lauryn Hill

Peak QB Season in the NFL

This visualization looks at the season in a QB's career where they peak. Peaking is based on QB rating. This chart is only showing the top 25 QBs of all time based on career passing yards. Interestingly, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning (Eli's brother) are very similar: peaking in season 7 at 122 and 121 rating respectively. Favre peaked the latest in his career: season 19 with the Vikings and a rating of 107. John Elway peaked in his final season with the Broncos winning a Super Bowl.

2018 NFL Season

This horizon radial chart was inspired by this tennis visualization I saw originally on by @tennisvisuals. A tutorial on how to create this in Tableau is coming shortly.

RIP Aretha Franklin

Viz inspired by this artist and work of art

Marimekko Slope Chart

A Marimekko slope chart combines a Marimekko plot and a slope plot to create a unique chart type that I believe displays a combination of information better than current alternatives. I wrote about this chart last year as part of a Beatles analysis but this post specifically outlines the benefits of this new chart type.

The Marimekko slope chart is good for showing a comparison of discrete variables (bar chart), the population or size of these variables (bar width) and the trend of this discrete variable over two time periods (slope). The following visualization of the Presidentiadisaster election is an example of a Marimekko slope chart:

The chart above provides new insights no other single other chart type could easily provide. Below are more details on this chart type, the value it provides, and more examples. 
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