Tree of Life.... Expectancy

For my second entry in the Tableau Viz as Art contest I tried to actually create a data visualization that attempts to be artistic. My first entry wasn't a data visualization at all really so this was an attempt at something different. 

What I created is a look at life expectancy by continent and country from GapMinder data. For this viz you can hover over the moon or sun for a description of the viz and the data source.

The height of the tree represents the overall life expectancy of individuals in that country for 2013. The x-axis positions corresponds to the country's longitude. The color represents the quantile the country falls in. The thickness of the tree trunk is the 2013 population. The reference line is actually the continent minimum. And the reflection represents the change in life expectancy over time by country since 1963. The longer the line of the reflection the greater the change in life expectancy over the last 50 years. Users can filter by continent and change the visualization from night to day.

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