Layering Multiple Charts in Tableau 2020.4

Tableau 2020.4 (currently in pre-release) allows you to layer multiple layers and even chart types on the same worksheet. This feature is built mostly for maps (see Marc's article here) but you can also do it for other chart types (see Jeff's article here).

This new feature also allows you to layer multiple disparate chart types without altering the level of density. The below example is a KPI dashboard with 12 chart type layers on the same worksheet. 

All chart types use have a unique MAKEPOINT() calculated field that places the chart on the X/Y axis. These 12 calculated fields all use the generated LAT and LONG to place the marks on the canvas. Then charts (BANS, line charts, whatever) are built on top of these marks. Thanks Jeff. Your article was really helpful.

Download and explore.

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