Dear Data at MICA

I teach a Visual Analytics course at MICA as part of their Information Visualization (MPS) program. It's a great course and this is my second year teaching it. Last year I gave the students an assignment to recreate a Dear Data postcard and it was very successful. So this year I did it again and I thought would share my favorite post cards from two of my students.

The first one was created by Alex Schroeder and replicated the Week One post card from Dear Data. I think it's a very creative approach where the number of concentric circles represent the number of time's he checked a clock. The layout by hour of the day and day of the week makes it easy to see patterns. He even adds a reference line to indicate when he woke up each day (6:00 am). See Alex's post card below.

The second one is by Jennifer Roscoe and it's beautiful. She counted the number of times she observed moments of benevolence between strangers. The number of rings in the flowers is the count of acts of kindness. The ring pattern indicates the nature of the kindness. The color of the small petals is where the kindness was observed. Even the leaves indicate whether most of the acts were observed: indoors (green) or outdoors (yellow). See Jennifer's post card below.

Great work Alex and Jennifer. Thank you for allowing me to share.
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