Tableau Conference - Jedi Charts Presentation

I recently presented with Chris DeMartini at the Tableau Conference in Austin on how to create custom chart types in Tableau. I covered gauges and sunbursts while Chris covered jump plots and hive plots. You can view the video of the slides here. Or you can view and download the presentation in Tableau Public here. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.


  1. Finally, the death of PowerPoint -- a presentation done entirely in Tableau.

    Love those alternative treemap hierarchies (sunburst, icicle). And I know exactly how I'm going to use them.

  2. Thank you for posting this, this was one of my favorite presentations from TC16!

  3. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the slides, the sunburst tutorial is really good stuff.
    But i'm stucking at marking level ID.
    In my DB, there are some items stop at level 1, they do not have information in level 2 and level 3. Therefore, percentages of items in level 1 do not equal to the larger circles, level 2 circle and level 3 circle. Assuming that any items which do not have information in level 2 and level 3, we make such levels same as level 1.
    I am not allowed to insert data into DB so do you have other way to draw sunburst like your slides?
    Thank you in advance.

    P/s: I used to work in Deloitte Vietnam. Nice to meet you here (:

    1. Pham,

      Nice to meet you too.

      I had the same type of data set where there were gaps between level 1 and level 2 or 3. So in that case I inserted blanks or something that matched the background. See an example of something similar here:!/vizhome/WhiskeyWheel/WhiskeyWheel

      Unfortunately this method requires you to insert the spacers or blanks as a row into the dataset. I will try think through an alternative and get back to you.



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