Layers in Tableau 2020.4

This is the presentation from my webinar: Using Layers in Tableau 2020.4. You can download the workbook here. Please comment below if you have any questions. 


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  2. Hi Adam: Thanks for this. I have downloaded a copy of this viz and can't seem to replicate the parameter action that you have. I have recreated the parameters for state, city, city state and the calculated fields for state selected, city selected, etc. but cannot get the click action to drill down action to work. When I click on a state, the parameter does not change to the state I selected. The same for city, and store. What am I missing?

    1. Hello Again:

      I figured out that I had not set up a parameter action for state, city st, and city. I am a new Tableau user and it was not intuitive to me to set a parameter action contingent on a click. There was mention of that parameter action in the video but I did not understand it until I understood how parameters work in Tableau.

    2. Okay cool. Let me know if you have questions.

  3. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing this and explaining in details.

  4. Awesome presentation... I am trying to display multiple measures for a county using multiple layers(circle, square, shape) but as all layers refer to the same county - circle, square and shape are overlapping on top of each. Is there a way to not make them overlap?

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  8. Hello Adam.

    I have recreated the view. I'm facing issue when I click on Texas, the map won't zoom large.

    Please guide me to achieve the same.


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