Zen Master - Thank You!

So the 2015/2106 list of Tableau Zen Masters was announced last week and I was surprised and honored to be on it. It is cool to be named among such awesome company who do such impressive and inspiring work.

Thank you to my Deloitte colleagues (particularly Shine and Julie) and others in the Tableau community for nominating me. And thank you to Tableau for this honor. Sorry my first post immediately after the announcement was the bullet donut chart.

Here is a "360 degree" version of my Zen Master rock built in Tableau of course (image analysis in R)....


  1. We already knew you were one. Congratulations!

  2. Great work Adam. I thought you'd done it with tiny shapes, but it's all dots and RGBS - nice. Did you have to create that palette yourself?

    1. Thanks Andy. No I stole the RGB palette from Merlijn Buit's PhotoShop post. I think he got it from Robot Nudist. I had to modify it slightly.


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